Indian Valley Business Women's League

Trophy Day

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Date: Jan 11, 2014

Open Slots: Full


Sue Taggard - 09:28 AM

Ellen Jones

Kate Keating

Meg Thompson

Michele Gunner

Debbie Ferini

Sandy Boyd

Terri Goodwin

Sue Merceri

Betty-Lou Harmon

Karen ONeill

Sylvia Albertson

mary sancimino

Jane Lybecker


Thank you all for joining the game, come sprinkles or shine. The results are as follows;
1st Place with an incredible 96 stable ford. Albertson, Frome, Gunner and fabulous Ferrini.
2nd Place with a marginal 85 Taggard, Jones, Sancimino and Merceri.

Closest to the hole
#4 Tight shot O'Neill
#8 Juniper Juxtaposition Jones
#13 Gunning Gunner
#17 Fabulous Frome

Low Putts with an amazing 27, Betty Lou the humming Harmon

Trophy Day winner!!!!!!! Deb f*()%$(*N amazing Ferrini with a net 65. REALLY NOW.

See you in two weeks. Please make sure you sign up.


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